Get more done with better working style skills!

Discover your working style…

understand how others see youUnderstand how others experience your style
Get feedback on how others experience you and how you see yourself

anticipateAnticipate on different cultural working styles
Understand how cultural differences impact the way you work together

startGreat way to start your team building
Knowing the working style of yourself and your team mates

avoid pitfalls

Avoid the pitfalls of your working style
Make use of your strength and avoid pitfalls of your style

facilitate coachingFacilitate your coaching sessions
With working style you can support your coaching sessions


proven methodologyProven methodology
Our method is based on literature and proven in practice

quality testQuality test
Our test is scientifically validated and verified

loads of tipsLoads of tips
You get loads of development tips to improve your working style skills

always online100% online
No need to talk to an advisor or trainer, it’s all online

facilitate coachingAbility to connect to a coach
Easily connect to an e-coach or go schedule a call

cheaperMuch cheaper than existing providers
Our business model is based on online services with low overhead


It is a test to determine your working style and a training book to develop your working style skills



For yourself:  to improve your flexibility in working with people with  different working styles For for your coachee: to support your coaching sessions


If you are consultant or coach, as part of a team building event or if you deal with people of various cultures

Food for thought by the articles in our blog

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Need to improve working relations?

It is becoming increasingly more important to work quickly and effectively with other people. But everyone is characterised by one of the four social working styles: Analytical, Driver, Motivator or Amiable. This means that three quarters of the people with whom you...

Avoiding communication pitfalls?

With you can identify your style and your strengths and weaknesses. Your working style describes your behaviour as others perceive it. It doesn’t say anything about your personality, motives or your work- & thinking level. The results of...

How does it work?
It’s as simple as count to three: 1. Collect feedback on how others perceive you; 2. Fill in the questionnaire yourself; 3. Study the results and develop your skills using the development tips.

360 degree feedback

In this step you collect feedback on how others see your working style. Fill in the email addresses of people in your environment and ask if they can complete the questionnaire. The process is fully automated and the responses will appear in your dashboard.

Self assessment

In this step you discover how you see yourself. Compleet the questionnaire and see which style you think you have.

Discover & Practice

In this step you will discover your working style and how it helps collaboration. Based on the self assessment and the 360 degree feedback the system determines your working style. This will come with strengths and pitfalls of your style and tons of development tips to improve your style skills. The system provides easy access to the selected tips and do’s and don’ts, even on your mobile device.

Enjoy your improved skills!

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